Development Tools


The development tools and programs that I use for development.


There isn't much to say about Java, if you haven't heard of it yet you must have been born under a rock. In short it is programming language that allows you to run programs unchanged on different operating systems, from Linux to Windows and many more.


Tamino is a xml database that stores xml in it's native format, it's not like Oracle that converts xml to a relational structure on a relational database. Storing xml natively has many benefits, one of them being performance.


Mediator is an integration tool, basically the glue that sticks all the different systems in an organisation together. Xml is intended to be used for integration purposes and mediator is the tool that makes it possible. Mediator uses xml functions like SOAP, XSL transformations etc. to call these back end systems. Mediator programming is done with a GUI that creates a xml document used to describe the sequences that process xml documents.


Eclipse is a general development IDE that can work with multiple languages. I currently use it to develop Java programs.